Read Jim's Latest article published in the Spring 2014 issue of VANGUARD Magazine published by the School Administrator's Association of New York State.

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Read Jim Dillon's latest article published in Education Week, "The Best Antidote to Bullying? Community-Building." The article is highlighted in the Comentary section and can be found online as well as in print (Vol. 33, Issue 14, Pages 28-29.)

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Read the latest review of "No Place for Bullying" at NYSASCD. 


Read the letter from U.S. Congressman Patrick Maloney inviting Jim Dillon to be a panelist at the Hudson Valley Bullying Prevention Summit in March 2014.  Click on the image below to read.


Things workshop participants learned ...

"The videos that were shown were excellent."

"Culture is extremely important."

"Examining my own leadership style."

"How to lead the staff to integrate bullying prevention in my school-more on how to create a better environment."

"Changing culture is difficult but worth it."

"Re-framing is a great way of helping to establish a more positive vision of your new program if needed."


"Valuable.  I have new ideas to take back to my staff and bully team."

"Change in school culture has to be a goal in the leadership of myself-great insight."

"Optimal learning environment-high degree of safety plus high expectations and structure."

"Change my mindset from 'You can’t bully your way to bully prevention.'"

"To think more deeply re: systems change."

"Concept link of Will and Skill."

"The importance of setting moral purpose with staff."

"It affirmed my belief in empowering staff and students."

"Bullying prevention is not a choice but it is a moral obligation."

"Thanks again, Jim.  I have rarely received such accolades from the grad. students as I did after your presentation.  I so appreciate your willingness to provide expertise, guidance and ideas about such a troublesome circumstance in our schools."

"I need to change my perception of bullying and to focus on changing the culture, not the student."

"Last Thursday really revolutionized the way I thought about discipline.  We are so heavily dependent on the CSI model and it really doesn't  work.  We need an entire culture change and I had never really thought about it that way.  I have found myself being even more respectful and using much more of a proactive approach with my most challenging students and it really does make a difference.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you because every time I go to class I feel like I learn something and this one in particular really changed my entire outlook on school culture and climate."

"The idea of Heroic Mission; Change question from How to Stop bullying/ to How do we empower students?; It is the adults in the building who hold the key to climate and culture."

"1. The Importance of developing students into leaders and the role of a culture of care from top down; 2. The Impossibility if deterring bullying through adult supervision and punishment alone; 3. The Impact of the peers who act to intervene and prevent bullying."

"Modeling behavior that you want your student to exhibit is a key.  Make every student feel like they belong in a school."

"I loved all of the video clips- will be able to use in my staff meetings; learned about empowerment and staff buy in."

"How to communicate better with my staff; a better way to get the bystander involved; a better way to get my staff on board with helping with change."

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Strategies that workshop participants feel they can utilize in their work...

"The videos will be used for sure."

"Engaging students in the process during planning."

"Too many to list.  The techniques, strategies and activities shared will be enormously useful."



"Explain the analogy of when a student makes a mathematical error we provide multiple interventions.  We need to do the same in regards to social and emotional mistakes."

"Real change comes by looking at/getting back to your own moral compass."