The Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention offers a wide range of professional development, coaching and technical assistance services to support educational leaders in their efforts to address bullying in their districts and schools. Our framework views this work from the lens of leadership with the goal of enhancing the culture of learning and respect in districts and schools. Center staff provides workshops, professional development and coaching tailored to the individual needs of districts, schools and communities. Our staff has supported hundreds of district and school leaders in this important work.

We work with districts, schools and state agencies to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to bring about successful change in schools – student and staff support of prevention efforts; parent support for teachers and leaders; and a school culture that supports growth and change through collaboration and respect.





Introductory Kick-off Session:

An introductory session that provides an overview of the Center’s leadership model and specific training areas. Clients can then select the area(s), if any, that they
would like to receive additional professional development (either on-site or via webinar). Typically a ½ day event.


Customized Package of Services:

A customized package of workshops, coaching, technical assistance and follow-up services that support district and building leaders to "lead the change process." Additional services can be added to a customized package such as a climate needs assessment and/or an evaluation of


“The Center's services are customized to suit our client's needs and budgets.”

The Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention can provide a single workshop or a comprehensive and sustained program of professional development. 


•   Leadership to Motivate the School Community to Action
•   Assessing the Problem of Bullying
•   Leading Groups in the Analysis of Data
•   Leadership in the Development of Effective Policies and Procedures
•   Distributed Leadership – Leading Groups to Lead
•   Leadership for Empowering Bystanders
•   A Three-Tiered Intervention Model for Bullying Prevention
•   Leadership and Bullying Prevention Beyond the Schoolhouse

The Center’s services are customized to allow our clients to design a package of services that best suit their needs and budgets. We provide both on-site and web-based professional development and technical assistance.

Services our Clients Typically Select:


Additional Support:

In addition, the Center specializes in needs assessment as well as evaluation. Needs assessment methods assist district/school leadership teams to “take the pulse” of the district’s and/or school’s learning climate, which includes the views of parents, students, teachers, and non-teaching staff. The Center can also provide a full evaluation of implementation and outcomes to inform schools and districts as to what is working and areas in need of improvement.

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“No Place For Bullying:
Changing Hearts and Minds one School at a Time”.

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​Examples of Workshop Topic Areas: