The Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention's mission is to support the work of school leaders in addressing the problem of bullying while at the same time enhancing the culture and climate of the school. 

The Center does not offer a bullying prevention program nor does it endorse any particular bullying prevention program.  It views programs as useful tools that need to be in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in order to be effective.​



The Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention focuses its efforts on supporting school leaders in schools that are:

  •  Implementing a bullying prevention program

  •  Starting to explore the possibility of implementing a program

  •  Seeking to use a variety of bullying prevention resources

  •  Wanting to build on and enhance their current bullying
        prevention  efforts

  •  Seeking to increase the engagement and commitment of the
        school community in preventing and reducing  bullying

  •  Trying to connect bullying prevention to their core/central
        mission of providing a optimal learning environment for all

Center Satellite Offices

"Programs don't change schools, people change schools."

- James Dillon, Director 
The Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention

Leadership is the Key to Success

A recent Wallace Foundation report stated: “To date we have not found a single case of a school improving its student achievement record in the absence of talented leadership. One explanation is that leaders have the potential to unleash the latent capacities in organizations.” If this is true for student achievement it is a safe assumption to make about bullying prevention. Effective school leaders reframe the issue bullying prevention by connecting to the moral purpose and central mission of providing an optimal learning environment for all students. Without this understanding and direction, bullying prevention remains just another program to implement or policy to enforce. Effective school leaders transform the problem of bullying into an opportunity to enhance the culture and climate of the school.

Challenges of Changing Hearts and Minds

Changing anything in schools today is a challenge. Effective school leaders understand the change process and realize that true change happens when the entire school community learns and grows together. Even the best ideas and practices must be implemented by people interacting with people. People are open to change when they are involved in the change process and view the change not as a criticism but rather as a continuation of their current work. Effective school leaders realize that true change requires changing the hearts and minds of the school community. They point the community in the right direction and are willing to take the first steps themselves, realizing that change is a process not an event.


Developing a Healthy School Culture and Climate
Since it is unrealistic to expect to eliminate bullying completely, all schools should strive to have bullying stand out as an aberration that is incompatible with the values and culture of the school. This can only happen in schools where every individual is respected, cared for and valued in a very visible and tangible way. In these schools bullying is recognized for what it is and everyone takes responsibility for addressing it. The schools that are successful in bullying prevention involve all members of the community in addressing the many different and unique ways that bullying can manifest itself.  These schools are in a continuous state of learning how to prevent bullying and sustaining the culture and climate necessary for optimal learning.


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